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How We Work

To ensure a culture of strong compliance and accountability, we have put in place simple but effective processes and structures, starting with a transparent organizational structure with clear roles and responsibilities. While making sure we remain nimble and responsive, we also want to make sure appropriate controls are in place with proper accountability, which includes tools to track & monitor all investments, from day one.

How we operate – Governing Structure

Program/Project Approval

We are committed to making sure resources are deployed efficiently and effectively. As an operating foundation, all programs and activities go through the approval process to ensure alignment with the foundations’ mission and values. The team is guided by the following criteria when deciding on a specific program, project, or activity. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but a simple frame-work, which maybe be amended from time to time by the Board of Directors.

  • HiFORCE – embodies foundation values & principles
  • Need – program/activity which fulfills an ‘unmet’ need in the community
  • Support – good level of community support and engagement

  • Benefit – fosters social development of disadvantaged children and families
  • Execution – ability to execute, control & monitor
  • Sustainability – program and activities have a lasting impact
  • No-bias – no intended gender, religion or class bias

Where possible, we use local resources and materials. While opening up opportunities for local employment, this also minimizes expensive future repair and maintenance costs.

As an operating foundation, our Program Managers directly manage all projects. This allows us to ensure your contributions go directly towards one of the projects, and most importantly, we track in detail, all the investments and it’s impact* on every project.

*Measuring impact: number of people served is our primary measure of a program or a project’s impact. This could be number of people given access to clean water/ number of students enrolled/ number of people taking part in an event, as a result of a program or a project.
In the long run, we will introduce other metrics such as change in the literacy rate, change in the high school enrollment & graduation, change in a particular ailments etc.