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Moin Uddin – Founder & President of the Board of Directors

MoinUddin was born in BoliarBagh, Moulvibazar, Bangladesh. At age 11, he movedto the UK with the family to join his father. Moin graduated from Kingston Business School, Kingston University (UK) with a Business & Finance degree, and also Masters in Marketing.

Moin joined Home CreditUS inJuly 2015 and relocated to Kansasas a Chief Commercial Officer, responsible for Sales and Marketing. Prior to joining Home Credit, Moinwas a Managing Director at Sberbankof Russia (2nd largest banking group in Europe) where he was responsible for multiple business lines (cards, merchant acquiring, payment and money transfer) with revenue in the excess of $3.5 billion.  While at Sberbank, Moinalso served on both the Visa, Inc. and MasterCard Senior Client Council.  Prior to Sberbank, he was an Executive Vice President and Member of the Management Board at Renaissance Credit Bank between 2008 and 2011 based in Moscow, Russia.  While at Renaissance Credit, he was responsible for mass retail lending (card, cash and point-of-sale) and marketing.  Mr. Uddin held other senior management positions over the past 20 years at GE Capital Consumer Finance Group and Bank of America (MBNA), both in the US and internationally.  Moinleft Sberbank in 2013 to establish FACES, Inc., where he serves as President.

Moin now resides in New York City, USA, while traveling frequently to Bangladesh, in spare time, he consults in retail banking, consumer finance and in the emerging payments trends.  Home Credit US – Our Story

Regina Merkova – Founding Member & Member of the Board of Directors

Regina began her career in 1998 with the GE Money-GE Capital in Prague, as a trainer for customer services representatives. In 2000, Regina moved to US, to work for the United Nations Public Information Department, where she was responsible for covering the communication and speeches during the General Assembly Sessions. Within the United Nations Secretariat, Regina worked in various capacities in the Department of Public Information, News and Media Division, and is also a specialised trainer/ educator in the awareness of HIV/AIDS.

Regina has travelled extensively across all continents, including Bangladesh, speaks several languages, Czech, English, Russian, Spanish, Italian. She is an environmentalist and a keen traveler.

Residing in New York City, USA, Regina as a member of the Board of Directors, focuses on communication, web development, and external relations.

Seraj Uddin – Founding Member & Member of the Board of Directors

Seraj Uddin, founding member, and a UK representative of the Moin Uddin Academy, was born in Boliar Bagh, Moulvi Bazar, Bangladesh. Seraj completed his high school in Bangladesh, and in 1979, moved to UK along with the rest of the family.

Seraj started his career in the UK as a waiter in a restaurant, progressing to a manager. For the past 20+ years, Seraj has been managing his own restaurant business.

Seraj is very active in his local community in the UK, providing invaluable support and assistance to the local cultural centre.

As a member of the Board of Directors, and Secretary, Seraj will focus on fund-raising and regulatory activities in the UK, as well as maintaining ongoing communication with the local communities in Bangladesh.

Seraj, with his family live in Surrey, UK.

Our team in Bangladesh

Program Managers

From left to right: Javed Ahmed – Sports, Sanjida Rahman – Arts & Culture, Samir Ahmed Shipu– Secretary, Meherunnessa Poly – Education, Shiplu Rahman – Social Services

Arts & Culture teachers

Teachers – education

Teachers – sports