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We are a non-profit, non-political and non-religious operating foundation, dedicated to supporting the social and educational programs that positively impact the social development of families, communities and villages, with a particular emphasis on the poor and the disadvantaged children, giving them hope of a better future.

Measuring impact: number of people served is our primary measure of a program or a project’s impact. This could be number of people given access to clean water/ number of students enrolled/ number of people taking part in an event, as a result of a program or a project.

In the long run, we will introduce other metrics such as change in the literacy rate, change in the high school enrollment & graduation, change in a particular ailments etc.

  • We aim to: Encourage, Engage & Empower

  • So they can be: More PRODUCTIVE

  • By giving People: A FACE, A VOICE, A SMILE = HOPE

Our mission is to make a positive and meaningful impact to the lives of the poor and the disadvantaged children, by focusing on grassroots initiatives and programs, engaging families and individuals from the communities within. Through social and educational programs, the foundation aims to empower families and communities, making them more self-reliant, helping to improve lives, and become more productive, with a lasting hope for a better future.

Uplifting One Child, One Family, One Village at a time…


  • Honesty & integrity– making honest reviews and assessments of projects, programs and activities, and communicating to relevant stake-holders as necessary in an honest and truthful manner; integrity – projects that do not impose upon individual dignities or rights; projects that engage and empower those it seeks to benefit.

  • Fairness – be fair and objective in dealing with members/ participants; fair evaluation of members, employees and volunteers.

  • Opportunity– creating & providing equal opportunity for all regardless of gender, religion, status, and economic background, with a particular focus on the poor and the disadvantaged children and families.

  • Respect – adhering to local customs and traditions, as well as encouraging and respecting diverse views. The foundation is committed to all local regulatory compliance.

  • Collaboration – collaborating and cooperating with other non-profit organisations & stake-holders as needed, whether local or international to further the aims of the foundation.

  • Education – incorporating learning theme(s) across all programs to ensure it’s lasting impact.