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Engaging children in a multitude of activities allows them to discover their true passion and ability.

It is another avenue through which children can be inspired to creatively and effectively express themselves, and at the same time, helping to build tolerance for diverse views.

FACES3 Academy focuses on:

  • Coaching programs to help children to attend art, drama, dancing & singing classes

  • Organizing community events promoting arts and culture in the village.

Active Enrollment

Year To Date Investment
$31,294 (৳2,479,718)

2017 Highlights

Overall good progress all around, particularly in classical dance, tabla and poetry. Our classical dance students are now called upon on a regular basis to perform at various events.

Looking ahead, the focus for 2018:

  • Developing new routines/ choreography in dance, including integrating classical dance with play (nittho natok) etc.
  • Expanding the poetry classes, together with the launch of new ‘presentation skills’ classes (upostapona) for our students.
  • Developing stronger discipline within our singing (songeet) group.
  • Limited new intakes will be required to go through 2-3 weeks of workshop and suitability assessment prior to formal acceptance into arts & culture program.