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Education of the young is critical in the social development of the local communities. Particular attention will be paid to programs that broaden understanding and thinking beyond their immediate communities.

  • Helping the poor and the disadvantaged children attend schools by paying for school fees, uniforms and books.

  • Organizing/ running ‘after school’ coaching/ study programs.

  • Organizing opportunities to develop computer literacy


Enrolling of the poor children into various schools who would have been otherwise ‘left-out’. This program pays for admission fees, school supplies e.g. books, and uniforms including shoes. Parents and children sign a ‘commitment letter’ agreeing to strict attendance and academic targets, helping to alleviate some of the unnecessary ‘errands’ usually given to children at home.


A mandatory after school ‘coaching’ classes are provided to those students enrolled into schools, led by 12+ teachers/ coaches employed from the local community.


Providing assistance in paying monthly school fees to those students enrolled into various schools. High school students (age 11-16) are required to pay the monthly school fees. Families are usually encouraged to cover these small costs, but those who cannot, upon request, we cover these costs.

2017 Highlights

The inauguration of the new multi-purpose facility and the opening of the Sonori Library on 24 December 2017 was a major milestone, and has increased our student capacity significantly.

Looking ahead, the focus for 2018:

  • Computerclasses started with only two laptops. We hope to increase the number of laptops throughout the year.
  • Maths, Science and English continue to be challenging subjects for our students, compounded by the limited availability of skilled teachers for these subjects within our budget. We will look for ways to provide effective support for our students.
  • Support for students beyond grade 10 will be based on their academic results.
  • We also plan to start pre-school nursery/ playgroup.

Active Enrollment

Year To Date Investment
$542,115 (৳42,302,781)

It costs approximately $102-$150 per year to support one student

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