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Social Services Programme

Promoting better health and well being is important in creating a more productive community. This starts with gaining access to the most basic human needs: safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation.

FACES3 focuses on:

  • Implementing projects that provide access to clean water and better sanitation.
  • Organizing free ‘check-up’ clinics based on the community need.
  • Organizing educational seminars on health and hygiene.

2017 update:

  • 11 clean water projects implemented, serving over 2,558 people, dispensing 8-10,000 litres of drinking water, daily.
  • 360+ people benefited from an eye examination clinic help in the village.
  • 250+ people attended a health & hygiene seminar.
  • 35 ‘lights’ installed in public places, benefiting 2000+ people.
  • 1013+ winter blankets distributed to the poor.
  • 1650 poor people received bags of food.
  • 30 sanitation projects completed (toilets), benefiting 39 families (approx. 251-people).

Social Services Program spend 2017

Water in Bangladesh:

  • 32 million people have no access to safe water

  • 80 million people lack proper sanitation

  • 24% of all deaths result from lack of safe water and proper sanitation

  • 100,000 children below age 5 die each year from gastroenteritis and diarrheal diseases

  • 30 million people are at risk from naturally occurring arsenic in the country’s water

Our Approach:

In addition to our ‘program management process’ guidelines, we work with the local community and survey the village and it’s geography to assess:

  • demand – number of households/ people likely to benefit

  • ease of access – accessibility within a given catchment area

  • identify if any existing deep wells exist within a given catchment area

  • solution – evaluate the opportunity to either 1. leverage an existing private deep well or 2. install a new deep well, usually on a private land. Both require written agreement with the owner (of existing deep well or land) stipulating unhindered access to any installed water projects by FACES Inc.

a. Leveraging an existing well:Leveraging an existing deep well results in significant savings Vs drilling a new deep well. FACES would typically cover the incremental costs such as extra piping, additional water storage tanks and filters, and installing water dispensing/ collection points, and the ongoing maintenance. Typical project cost ~$500-$800 USD, and estimated project duration ~2-3 weeks. b. Drilling a new well:This involves drilling the well deep into earth to reach fresh aquifers (400 ft – 800 ft, depending on the terrain). We employ low tech manual drilling process, which costs significantly less than high tech machinery! Typical project cost ~$2,000-$3,000 USD, and estimated project duration ~6-8 weeks.

Toilets for the villageLatrines/toilets in the village to improve sanitation, end open defecation, providing dignity and safety.