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Sports create a unique learning and development opportunity like no other.

Children develop friendship, integrity, honesty and cooperation. Sporting events garner and bring out the best in people: a passion to succeed, drive, team work and a sense of pride.

  • The creation of a local sporting ‘club’ for the youth

  • Organizing and sponsoring local seasonal sporting tournaments

  • We typically organize seasonal local sporting programs, keeping the village youth engaged in activities that furthers their development, at the same time, keeping them out of trouble!

2017 Highlights

We’ve made significant progress in cricket, football and athletics; our students are now starting to compete at district/ division and at national levels. Even more impressive which we are very proud of, girls participating in our Sports program, and excelling, challenging the traditional views of the roles of girls/ women in otherwise a conservative community.

Active enrolled students in Sports Programme
Year to date investment to Sports programme


It costs about $75-$100 per year to
support one student in our Sports Program